CES 2019

On January 8, the 52nd largest consumer electronics exhibition CES 2019 Innovation Awards Showcase officially opened in Las Vegas, USA. CES, sponsored by the American Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers (CEA), is the largest and most influential annual consumer electronics technology exhibition in the world. It is also the largest consumer technology industry event in the world and enjoys a high reputation in the world.

Over the years, CES exhibitions have gathered the best consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers, bringing the most advanced technology concepts and products, attracting global business leaders and pioneer thinkers to participate. This year’s CES exhibition merged into a new blood, Creatcomm brought its products and technology to the exhibition site. After many years of technological innovation and product application accumulation, we have been recognized by ahua, hikvision, Huawei, these first-line brands in mainland and become its suppliers through high stability, high bandwidth and long-distance transmission products. At this exhibition, we exhibited AI edge computing wireless transmission solution, AI Bridge, at Avacom booth, and gained the attention of many manufacturers and customers.

The Frontline of Marketing in mainland and Abroad

The Jiulang Mountain Scenic Area, which located in the north of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, covers an area of 10,200 mu, with a forest coverage rate of more than 90%. However, it  has been faced with the threats of fire prevention, deforestation, burial and stolen quarrying for a long time. And also it’s a big problem to manage various emergencies for the local government.

As the star products of long distance transmission,  our TB5HP-18I, TB5HP-25I, TB5HD-29E, can easily to deal with various problems during the whole construction. We set up a forest monitor system in a short time for the scenic spot.

“The system is composed of front system, transmission network and command center. Solar power generation is used to solve the problem of power supply, which effectively guarantees the safety of local ecosystem in the coverage area. And after debugging, it successfully warned one abnormal event. ” Said the Shifeng District Green Heart Office responsible person confidently.

Port Moresby, an exotic city more than 5,300 kilometers away from China, is the capital of Papua New Guinea and also, is the host site of APEC Summit of 2018. However, the country is still in turmoil. Just four months ago, the government declared a nine-month state of emergency and it was listed by the United Nations as a “no-go zone” for international security at level 4.
The security work faces many challenges and problems at the very start. Even so, we always believe customer first is our key piont.

In order to complete the security project of APEC Summit, our technical support staff went to the host site three times. Preliminary site investigation, construction, on-site operation, wherever need, where we are. We provide a strong security guarantee for the successful convening of this summit. We are proud of you, creatcomm people!

CommunicAsia 2018

CommunicAsia, the most representative Information and Communication Technology(ICT) event in Asia, opened at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore from 26th to 28th June 2018.

Singapore International Communication Exhibition focuses on a variety of key technologies and emerging technologies in the industry, providing a full service stage for the industry. CreatComm has been exhibiting for many years and achieved satisfactory results.

This year, CreatComm also participates in this exposition with a strong lineup. During the exhibition, CreatComm representatives gather with all parties in the industry to promote CreatComm product’s technology to global customers through knowledge exchange and business social activities.

Shenzhen Exhibition (CPSE 2017)

China international society public safety Expo is the only accredited public safety exhibition in China by BPA international media certification organization. And it is also the world’s largest security exhibition, the most authoritative and influential security exhibition. The 16th China international public security expo (CPSE) in 2017 will be officially opened on October 29 at the Shenzhen and exhibition center, a total of four days, which won the global spotlight, with a total of more than 1100 exhibitors from 53 countries around the world, attracting about 130 thousand of the people in the industry from more than 150 countries and regions come to the exhibition.

With careful planning and arrangement in advance, CreatComm has successfully participated in exhibition. As China’s largest wireless video transmission solutions provider, we have been adhering to the principle of service that “let people enjoy the convenience of wireless connection”  and provide the high quality user experience of long-distance backbone network and the wireless broadband video/data transmission in last mile for industry customers and operators .With our advanced technology and products, attracted by the our products and solutions, visiting and consulting customers are in an endless stream during the exhibition.

It was this exhibition that let more and more enterprises knew about CreatComm.At the same time, it brings us more opportunities and challenges, and CreatComm must be expanding on the road in the future.

CommunicAsia 2017

CommunicAsia is one of the most famous IT and Communication Exhibition in the world since 1979. The world’s top communications companies gathered here every year to show their products, open up markets, communicate information and explore the future.

May 2017, Creatcomm participated the Exhibition with full of confidence and hope. Here, we met many old friends again and had a pleasant conversation.

We discussed the brisk demand in the overseas market and the flow-up cooperation with our latest products. Many customers, including Spectrum, St Electronics, Signet, Toshiba, FiberOpto and so on, showed deep cooperation willingness.

Among them, Spectrum is the largest wireless product agent in Southeast Asia, bearing well-known brands such as Ubiquitiy, Mikrotik and so on. COO Teguh showed great interested in our new products, especially TA8K/TB8K. Our global sales Eric had a pleasant and in-depth exchange with Teguh, and both are looking forward to our products can be extended to whole Southeast Asia area through their channels.

Customers take great interest in CreatComm’s products.

Security China 2016

October 25-28,  2016 China International Exhibition Center (New Center) – Beijing
CreatComm Booth Number: W3Y22

CreatComm will participate in Security China 2016 on October 25th – 28th in Beijing, China. Visit us at hall W3, stand Y22. The exhibition is dedicated for the security, and is the biggest security distribution and procurement center in China, and would be mainly focus on the big market in North area of China.