CC-M3381 is a 2×2 5G&2.4GHz embedded module. This product can provide customers with stable wireless signal coverage, to ensure that customers enjoy a stable, high quality, convenient broadband services.
CC-M3381 module integrates all RF functions and devices, to provide users with a standard cable network interface. Users can easily use the module for wireless video related product development. To shorten the development cycle and save cost.



  • CPU: Atheros-AR9344
  • Baseband: Atheros-AR9344
  • DRAM:
    • Winbond:W9751G6×1pcs
    • 32Mx16(512Mbits) Speed:800
  • 2.4G PA: SiGe-SE2576L
  • 5G PA: SiGe-SE5004L


  • 11Mbps: -87dBm / 5.5Mbps: -90dBm / 2Mbps: -91dBm / 1Mbps: -93dBm
  • 6Mbps: -91dBm / 9Mbps: -90dBm / 12Mbps: -87dBm / 18Mbps: -85dBm / 24Mbps: -82dBm / 36Mbps: -78dBm / 48Mbps: -73dBm / 54Mbps: -72dBm
802.11n HT20(MCS)
  • MCS0/MCS8: -85dBm; MCS1/MCS9: -82dBm; MCS2/MCS10: -80dBm; MCS3/MCS11: -77dBm ; MCS4/MCS12: -73dBm; MCS5/MCS13: -69dBm ; MCS6/MCS14: -68dBm; MCS7/MCS15: -67dBm
802.11n HT40(MCS)
  • MCS0/MCS8: -82dBm; MCS1/MCS9: -79dBm; MCS2/MCS10: -77dBm; MCS3/MCS11: -74dBm ; MCS4/MCS12: -70dBm; MCS5/MCS13: -66dBm ; MCS6/MCS14: -65dBm; MCS7/MCS15: -64dBm