• Nowadays, the requirements for bandwidth, delay, reliability, and deployment convenience of the backhaul network are getting higher and higher. In many scenarios, the construction of wired networks such as fiber is limited due to high costs, long period, and complicated maintenance.
  • To solve this problem, many people use WiFi for wireless solutions, but WiFi devices are hard to meet the requirements due to throughput, delay and power consumption limitations.
  • CreatComm launched VForce, a 60GHz 802.11ad outdoor transmission product, which provides high throughput, low latency and long distance for many outdoor application scenarios.


  • VForce is developed based on Qualcomm Sparrow+ chipsets (QCA6335+QCA6310), and it’s a millimeter-wave carrier-grade wireless transmission product based on the 802.11ad protocol, which can be widely used in the wireless access and transmission applications of carrier network, wireless CCTV, smart city, etc.
  • VForce can be deployed in the outdoor industrial applications to provide high reliability, long distance, large throughput, and low latency wireless transmission and access.
  • High anti-interference capability
    • The 60 GHz band is less congested than sub-6GHz band, thus there are much lesser interferences.
    • VForce uses a variety of 5G technologies, such as massive MIMO, beam-forming, etc.. By using narrow beam directional antenna, the transmission distance and anti-interference capability can be improved greatly.
  • Ultra high-speed
    • VForce’s channel spectrum bandwidth is as high as 2.16GHz. With high-performance modulation and demodulation coding scheme, VForce’s wireless throughput is up to 7Gbps@300 meters distance, and 1Gbps@1KM , which can meet the applications of 4K high-definition video, 5G base-station to base-station transmissions, etc..
  • High reliability
    • The VForce link delay is less than 50 microseconds, making it as fast as fiber, and thus suitable for the high reliable application scenarios.
    • AES-256 high-grade air interface encryption provides a secure transmission channel for the applications that need highly security.
    • High reliability design for outdoor such as IP67 and 10 kV lightning protection make the product work in all kind of harsh environments.
  • Easy to deploy
    • VForce has proper size and is convenient for installation. It supports automatic alignment and connection, making the deployment safe and fast.
    • For easy configuration, it support 2.4G WiFi connection so that the user can use cell phone or laptop to configure VForce via WiFi connection.
    • The interface of VForce includes 1x Gigabit POE port and 1x SPF port (supporting 10 Gbps). The Gigabit POE port is used for power supply and data transmission, and the SPF port is used for high-speed data transmission.




Comparison testing


1)Wireless Backhaul

The carrier base stations need to be deployed in all kind of scenarios, however, fiber can not be reached for many cases.
VForce can be easy deployed to solve this possible backbone or last mile transmission applications.

2) Home Access

Home internet access demands more and more bandwidth. Wireless access is the only way in some cases since fiber is hard to be deployed.
For example, fiber can be deployed to the street, base-stations are installed on the street lamp post, CPEs are installed on the wall of the house. This easily solve the last mile home internet access problem.

Product Line


PTMP Application

PTP Application