• Solutions | Campus/Enterprise

    CreatComm wireless devices delivering Internet connectivity to any type of enterprise in a campus or private sector

Reliable Security Mechanisms

  • Hardware based AES 128 encryption, allows protecting sensitive data
  • Hidden SSID, HTTPS for secure user interface access
  • SSH for secure command line management
  • SNMP v3 for secure data collection and monitoring

Enhanced Performance Protocol

CreatComm has the industry’s leading technology–VTrans. VTrans technology, including TDMA, variable bandwidth selection, intelligent rate control, Auto ACK Time-out adjust. They enable the device to have longer transmission distance, higher throughput and better Point-To-Multi-Point performance.
VTrans solves the problems of hidden-node problem in the 802.11 network, thus having better long-distance and PTMP performance.

Professional Software Functionality

The TDMA VTrans protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks.

Long-range and High-capacity Links

CreatComm 802.11ac series products can be achieved the transmission of hundreds of megabits over long distances links.

Main Applications

  • Hotspot

  • Video surveillance

  • Remote office connectivity

  • Fiber extension

  • Internet access

  • Leased line replacement