A CAPWAP Based Network Management System
    Convenient, flexible and reliable

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Support a variety of detection methods to ensure that the device can be successfully on-line in a variety of network architecture
  • Support fault warning information, custom fault warning rules, according to the device fault home page remind, pop, mail notification, a variety of ways to warning

Statistical Data Collection and Reporting

Support the statistics of all kinds of device information, such as the number of online and offline device, and operation log information

Visualize network with Google Maps

Support the map shows the location of the device, by means of a location information will be automatic positioning equipment to the Google or Baidu map, and the map of the equipment for editing and adjusting, and through offline maps of indoor scene distribution of quadratic precise positioning

Configuration and Maintenance

  • Support device running status display, such as online, offline, configuring, and upgrading
  • Support batch upgrade device, and can choose automatic or manual upgrade
  • Support device name, IP address, location information, wireless parameters and other personalized information remote modification
  • Support License management, the number of AC supported device can be managed by the license certificate

Smart Discovery

  • Support device key information retrieval, easy to quickly locate the target device in a large number of device list
  • Support NTP Server , to facilitate the online device synchronization time

Real-time monitoring network operation status, timely reporting of connection, disconnection and other information, and the abnormal alarm. At the same time, all the records are reported to the server for the record.