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1504, 2021

Inner Mongolia rural broadband coverage project experiment successfully completed

April 15th, 2021|Marketing & Support|

After going to Inner Mongolia for the first time in October 2020, our colleagues Xiaozhong and Guangshan of R&D center and Yuheng, later support partner, went to Wushen Banner of Inner Mongolia again in April 2021. This time, we need to deploy TB8L&TB8M, to build a long-distance broadband access link in pastures, to provide TV and data services to remote herdsmen's homes, and to establish a connection with the internet.

1801, 2021

Factory information construction – WMS

January 18th, 2021|Marketing & Support|

In order to promote the systematization, standardization and informatization construction of warehouse management, Cao Cuishuo, information technology department of production center, combined with the current actual situation of the company's warehouse, repeatedly verified and developed WMS warehouse management system for half a year, which has been successfully put into trial operation.

1212, 2020

Wireless coverage of tunnel power pipe gallery in Northeast of Xi’an

December 12th, 2020|Marketing & Support, Marketing & Support|

In order to serve the successful holding of the 14th National Games and the development and construction of Xi'an, the government of Xi'an put forward the demand of one-time relocation of 330KV overhead transmission lines in the northeast of Xi'an. The total investment of the project will reach 8.274 billion yuan.

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