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Vforce D1000

Wireless Gigabit Terminal

High anti-interference capability

VForce D1000 uses a variety of 5G technologies, such as massive MIMO, beam-forming, etc.. By using narrow beam directional antenna, the transmission distance and anti-interference capability can be improved greatly.

Ultra high-speed

VForce’s wireless throughput is up to 1.7Gb- ps@300 meters distance, and 1Gbps@1KM , which can meet the applications of 4K high-defini- tion video, 5G base-station to base-station transmissions, etc..

High reliability

  • The VForce D1000 link delay is less than 50 microseconds, making it as fast as fiber, and thus suitable for the high reliable application scenarios.
  • AES-256 high-grade air interface encryption provides a secure transmission channel for the applications that need highly security.

Easy to deploy

  • VForce D1000 has proper size and is convenient for installation. It supports automatic alignment and connection, making the deployment safe and fast.
  • The interface of VForce D1000 includes 1x Gigabit POE port and 1x SPF port (supporting 10 Gbps). The Gigabit POE port is used for power supply and data transmission, and the SPF port is used for high-speed data transmission.

Vforce D1000

802.11ad technology based 60Ghz
Outdoor wireless transmission device
Maximum rate is up to 1.7Gb- ps@300
meters distance and 1Gbps@1KM

Provide extra high, stable and reliable wireless network transmission

CreatComm NMS is a enterprise grade and CAPWAP based network management system


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