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The controller based on CAPWAP protocol


     Monitoring and Alerting

  • Support CAPWAP protocol
  • Support a variety of detection methods to ensure that the device can be successfully on-line in a variety of network architecture
  • AP/Bridge could be integrated with controller in L2/L3 network
  • Support fault warning information

     Statistical Data Collection and Reporting

  • Support multiple types of information collection and presentation, e.g. AP, bridge, UE online offline status.

     Configuration and Maintenance

  • Support multiple status of devices, e.g. online, offline, configuring, FW upgrading
  • Support batch upgrading, manually or automatically
  • Support to modify the devices’ name, IP address, location, wireless parameters and other information.
  • Support License management, the number of AC supported device can be managed by the license certificate

     Smart Discovery

  • Support key information retrieval of each device
  • Support NTP server

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