n order to implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, Creatcomm is committed to bringing wireless convenience to more people.

Shaanxi Province has always regarded poverty alleviation as the top priority, the first livelihood project and an important political task. Therefore, it is an indispensable link to improve the network construction in poor areas of Shaanxi and implement the transformation and upgrading of rural power network in poor areas. After effective communication, the senior management of Shaanxi government and Shaanxi Telecom hope that the telecom business can be combined with Rural Revitalization to solve the problems of mobile phone signals and network use of rural people in mountainous areas.

Considering the high cost of laying optical fiber, construction difficulties and other factors, Shaanxi Telecom is strongly willing to try innovative applications to solve the problems of mobile phone signals and broadband in mountainous and rural areas through new wireless bridge application products. Our FAE accompanied the customer to Ankang, Shaanxi for field test. In this test, the throughput of our TB8L & TB8M products with Pico base station has been recognized by Shaanxi Telecom, which has also laid a solid foundation for subsequent implementation.

The first round of test and acceptance has been completed, and the installation and test in the mountainous area has been suspended in the continuous rainstorm and flood. Shaanxi Telecom has decided that further arrangements will be made after the disaster is alleviated.  And after the test, the person in charge of Shaanxi Telecom said that if the rural test points in mountainous areas are opened, the distance between rural areas and cities in Shaanxi will be shortened, and our product will also further contribute to the improvement of rural network in mountainous areas. This cooperation has made phased progress in improving the infrastructure of rural people in mountainous areas, and also laid a solid foundation for our follow-up products to serve the whole Shaanxi Province.