After going to Inner Mongolia for the first time in October 2020, our colleagues Xiaozhong and Guangshan of R&D center and Yuheng, later support partner, went to Wushen Banner of Inner Mongolia again in April 2021. This time, we need to deploy TB8L&TB8M, to build a long-distance broadband access link in pastures, to provide TV and data services to remote herdsmen’s homes, and to establish a connection with the internet.

Inner Mongolia in April are full of low temperature, sandstorm and other bad weather, our guys took down coat and traveled on the grassland and desert every day. They went to the herdsmen’s home to install equipment, adjust antenna and test the performance. They deployed three APs and more than 40 STAs, covered more than 3000 kilometers. The longest distance of the transmission is more than 21 kilometers.

After nearly three weeks of busy work, the experimental bureau successfully completed and ensured the TV signal and Internet service for more than 40 users.

Creatcomm has been affirmed by customers once again and, we also sincerely feel gratified and proud that it can bring convenience to people in remote areas and bring them access to the world.