Customers take great interest in CreatComm’s products.

CommunicAsia is one of the most famous IT and Communication Exhibition in the world since 1979. The world’s top communications companies gathered here every year to show their products, open up markets, communicate information and explore the future.

May 2017, Creatcomm participated the Exhibition with full of confidence and hope. Here, we met many old friends again and had a pleasant conversation.

We discussed the brisk demand in the overseas market and the flow-up cooperation with our latest products. Many customers, including Spectrum, St Electronics, Signet, Toshiba, FiberOpto and so on, showed deep cooperation willingness.

Among them, Spectrum is the largest wireless product agent in Southeast Asia, bearing well-known brands such as Ubiquitiy, Mikrotik and so on. COO Teguh showed great interested in our new products, especially TA8K/TB8K. Our global sales Eric had a pleasant and in-depth exchange with Teguh, and both are looking forward to our products can be extended to whole Southeast Asia area through their channels.