n the morning of June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses, marking China’s formal entry into the 5G time.

This means that there are more and more intelligent products and devices will be used in different business scenarios and vertical industries. And it’s also a big opportunity for us.

On June 11, Creatcomm released the latest AI technologies and products, such as WIFI Radar Biological Detection, Multi-Functional AI edge computing platform, Unique GPS SYNC Base station, in Parkyard Hotel Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island, Shanghai.

We have continued to research and develop wireless transmission technology and its application since the Creatcomm was founded. That made our products did much better in long distance transmission, high throughput, and more stability. And meanwhile, we expand our product line from original wireless transmission products (including backhaul, last mile, enterprise ap, cloud management data analysis and operation platform), to AI intelligent identification, wireless biological detection products, import to enterprises that with more industry-leading technological capabilities. And now we have become a reliable provider of broadband IOT wireless transmission solutions in Mainland

WIFI radar biological detection is a real non-contact vital sign detection technology at present. It uses WIFI wireless signals and advanced signal processing technology to detect changes in the surrounding environment, so as to identify biological invasion, human movements, and even vital signs, without a camera (the camera has the security risk of exposure to private pictures). Walking, limb movements or standing, squatting, falling, etc. can be detected in the wireless signal coverage area. For example, in the room of the elderly living alone, if an elderly person falls down, the “invisible AI eyes” will respond immediately like signal to children, no privacy exposure.

Rich Zhou, Vice President of Creatcomm

With the arrival of 5G, the polymerization effect produced by big data, AI, Internet of things, Cloud technology, makes thousands of Intelligent Wearable Equipment, Intelligent Household Appliances, Intelligent Network Auto, Intelligent Robot connect to the internet, generate massive amounts of data, and the number of application is exploding at the same time.

As a pioneer of the times, Creatcomm launches the new product of Multifunctional AI edge computing platform AForce V100. Pushing Intelligent Analysis Forward while connect all things to the 5G network, do faster and better processing of massive data and timely feedback. It can not only save the high bandwidth requirement and cost brought by massive data effectively, but also can deal with the field problems in time and greatly improve the timeliness. AForce V100 can be effectively used in 5G + AIoT, outdoor facilities detection and security, automobile road coordination and other scenarios.

5G, and the coming of the big Internet of things, also means the coverage of a wide range of signals, and the deployment of a large number of base station equipment. In order to solve the serious co-address interference caused by installation of high density equipment on the same tower, Creatcomm launches the GPS Synchronized small microwave base station: BForce G1000. Accurate time synchronization of multi-devices through GPS to achieve synchronization of transceiver and receiver, so as to improve the utilization efficiency of spectrum resources enhance user experience greatly.

In the next ten years, there will be tens of billions or even billions of devices connected to the Internet. The data created by these devices will bring us a new information revolution in our work and life. They can not only provide insight into the future, but also enable enterprises to achieve rapid innovation. The country can also gain insight into the future business economy and trigger social digital changes based on massive data.

Creatcomm will actively embrace technological and social changes with an open mind, and work with partners to provide customers with better products and services.