China international society public safety Expo is the only accredited public safety exhibition in China by BPA international media certification organization. And it is also a large security exhibition, an authoritative and influential security exhibition in the world. The 16th China international public security expo (CPSE) in 2017 will be officially opened on October 29 at the Shenzhen and exhibition center, a total of four days, which won the global spotlight Πwith a total of more than 1100 exhibitors from 53 countries around the world, attracting about 130 thousand of the people in the industry from more than 150 countries and regions come to the exhibition.

With careful planning and arrangement in advance, CreatComm has successfully participated in exhibition. As China’s largest wireless video transmission solutions provider, we have been adhering to the principle of service that “let people enjoy the convenience of wireless connection  and provide the high quality user experience of long-distance backbone network and the wireless broadband video/data transmission in last mile for industry customers and operators .With our advanced technology and products, attracted by the our products and solutions, visiting and consulting customers are in an endless stream during the exhibition.

It was this exhibition that let more and more enterprises knew about CreatComm.At the same time, it brings us more opportunities and challenges, and CreatComm must be expanding on the road in the future.