Zhuhai Canal Ecological Monitoring

In order to improve the real-time and reliability of water conservancy monitoring, and reduce the material loss in the process of work, our FAE team went to the front line to build Zhuhai canal ecological wireless monitoring system with customers. The canal monitoring system realizes the automatic monitoring of rainfall, reservoir water level, storage capacity and video pictures of all canals within the jurisdiction of the regulatory department, provides timely and accurate information for the safety management and operation scheduling of canals, timely warning, and provides basis for scientific decision-making, greatly improved the efficiency and quality of canal project management.

Ningxia Water Conservancy Monitoring

Before the introduction of Creatcomm products, the data monitoring projects of the Yellow River water diversion and irrigation project were all transmitted through 4G network. However, the 4G signal coverage was not stable, and the signal of some construction sections was weak or even no signal, resulting in a serious shortage of transmission bandwidth. Although the video transmission limit was below 720p, but the data received by the dispatching center was not available sometimes, which resulted in high operation cost, and can’t meet the needs.

In view of various problems, our customer finally chose our wireless bridge transmission solution, which quickly solved the problems of insufficient 4G bandwidth and high traffic charges. We use the combination transmission of TB5F + TB5E. After our FAE team deployed the devices quickly, all videos transmitted to the center stably and the quality is very clear. Our customer got a satisfactory results again.