In order to promote the systematization, standardization and informatization construction of warehouse management, Cao Cuishuo, information technology department of production center, combined with the current actual situation of the company’s warehouse, repeatedly verified and developed WMS warehouse management system for half a year, which has been successfully put into trial operation.

Looking back on the past, it takes a long time to find out the electronic warehouse operation and the incoming materials. There are some shortcomings, such as wrong materials, difficult inventory, unable to control the first in first out and so on. The warehouse management is complex and inefficient.

After the WMS system is online, it can automatically recommend the shelf storage, prevent wrong materials, fast inventory, implement the first in first out control and real-time control of inventory, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the warehouse.

In the future, WMS system will be applied to institutional warehouse and finished product warehouse, combined with intelligent shelf lighting system and equipped with electronic display board to be put on shelves and delivered, which will further improve the intelligent management level of warehouse, so as to promote the intelligent management of warehouse and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive information construction of factory production in the future.