Taian Xintaisun Village Coal Company, a subsidiary of Shandong Energy Group, is mainly engaged in coal mining. In order to meet customers’ requirements for SIP voice access in mobile phone terminal in mine tunnel, wireless AP is planned to be deployed in mine tunnel to achieve full coverage. Meanwhile, TA2I product import test is carried out and possible abnormal points are checked out to ensure long-term follow-up use by customers. This project is a key pilot project in the mining area, which has been attached great importance to by all sides. Time constraints and heavy tasks are the most direct problems for our technicians.

In the underground field, our testers need to be fully armed down to 1000 meters deep for in-tunnel testing in coal mines. The walkway environment is very bad, difficult road, air dirty, muggy, poor feeling, even so, it could not stop us, and our efforts paid off in the end, the final results of SIP voice calls, roaming, packet loss rate, all aspects meet customer’s requirements.

Nanchang Building Material Market Monitoring Projects an old building material market and, if use the traditional cable solution, customer have to pay high costs, long term of project and different construction. So we provide a full wireless transmission solution, it can help customers to complete the deployment quickly and solve their pain points.

It’s a hot summer, the local temperature is very high. Construction and commissioning work are both outdoors, and need cooperation from both sides. Front-line technicians communicate equipment performance and principle knowledge with builders before commissioning every day. This deepens the understanding of customer, and also closes the gap between the two sides. And we finally complete the project quickly with the efforts of all people. Creatcomm’s professional and thoughtful service has also been appreciated by customers.


After the general election in India, our general manager and overseas sales team went to India together. They met with local partners and had in-depth communication with the head of customer business and CEO.

We showed our customers the technical effects of GPS Synchronized small microwave base station and Multifunctional AI edge computing platform. Excellent test results and performance demonstration have won the recognition of customers, and they actively invited us to attend India’s Security Exhibition. This visit has enhanced mutual understanding and communication, and it will surely lead to the landing of local projects as soon as possible.

To response to the needs of overseas customers, our FAE staff came to Penang, Malaysia, to carry out on-site POC project. We finally beat Cambium and EnGenius products after three days of outdoor test at the same environment. This result has strongly touched the customers, who have clearly indicated that they want to place an order to purchase our company’s plan.

After the test in Penang, out team flew to Kuala Lumpur immediately to join the electronic exhibition represent our customer. The latest WIFI radar biological detection solution and Multifunctional AI edge computing platform are displayed on the exhibition booth, which received great interest and attention from the participants. Customers said that they never thought that WIFI technology could be used in this way, and expressed their willingness to further communicate usage.