In order to serve the successful holding of the 14th National Games and the development and construction of Xi’an, the government of Xi’an put forward the demand of one-time relocation of 330KV overhead transmission lines in the northeast of Xi’an. The project involves a total of 4 substations (750 KV JingWei substation, 330 KV CaoTan substation, XuanWu substation and BeiJiao substation), 7 incoming and outgoing lines relocation, 2 new lines, and 2 new lines. The total investment of the project will reach 8.274 billion yuan.

Our FAE, on behalf of the customer’s technical personnel, went to the project site on December 22 to assist the customer to carry out field test and test multiple scenarios. In this test, the signal strength, download rate and other test results are beyond the design target requirements, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up project implementation.